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Compatible Cables for Spacelabs Ultraview 1030 90367 Monitors by Equipped SpO2 Module
The cables and accessories that are compatible with Spacelabs Ultraview 1030 90367 patient monitors are dependent on which SpO2 module the monitor is equipped with, and sometimes the option set of the module. Find the module that the monitor is equipped with below to find the compatible cables!

Select the Spacelabs Ultraview 1030 90367's Equipped SpO2 Module Below:
Ultraview Command Module 90496 for Spacelabs 1030 Ultraview SL Command Module 91496 for Spacelabs 1030
Shop for SpO2 cables and sensors compatible with Spacelabs Ultraview 1030 90367 patient monitors using an Ultraview Command Module 90496. more info
Select the Ultraview Command Module 91496's equipped SpO2 parameter to find compatible cables and sensors. more info